Quality is given the top most importance at Unilliance. To ensure Total Quality, our quality team is headed by a Vice President. At every working process, from sourcing raw materials to delivery of finished products, Quality is ensured. It is core value to become a business enterprise on which our stake holders can rely on us because of our excellence in quality.

We operate a full quality testing laboratory that meets customer’s most of the testing requirements. For all wash durability needs, we have got washing room with 4 wascators, twin tub, automatic washing and tumble drying ; for all physical testing requirements we have tear & tensile, piling, crocking & Martindale abrasion etc. ; for all fastness requirements, we have pH, formaldehyde content, perspiration, oil water repellency, dry cleaning, light etc. The lab is fully air conditioned & humidity controlled with a specific fabric conditioning room to enable test samples to achieve full conditioning before testing.

Fabric is tested at each critical stage of the production processes.

The dye house laboratory is designed to replicate bulk dyeing conditions to achieve R.F.T. Dyeing by lab to bulk, bulk to lab checking, dye recipe formulation is done via ‘Data Colour’ colour prediction system using a data base of single dye ranges created in house for increased accuracy of initial shades. All dye shades created are fully tested prior to customer submission to ensure that the dye meets the customers specifications.

The laboratory is also equipped to test packaging accessories for Edge & Flat Crush test, Bursting test, Cobb 60 Absorbtiveness test and thickness tests.

Unilliance Textiles is a ‘OEKOTEX 100’ certified company.